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Trifocal Lenses

A daily use lens prescribed if you need a correction for distance vision and reading. Lined Trifocal Lenses also include an intermediate area to see at arms distance. They come in a variety of reading segment sizes ranging from 25 millimeters in width to the executive lens design that spans all the way across the lens area. Trifocal Lenses are also available in a variety of occupational designs.


  • Daily use lens for inside and outside.
  • 3 distinct focal distances in the lens.
  • Available in a variety of segment sizes.
  • Available in occupational lens designs.
  • Segment line fitted at the lower pupil.
  • Select a Feature:

    • Clear

      Primarily for indoor use.
      Completely clear inside or outside.
      largest variety of lenses availabile.
    • Polarized

      Primarily for outdoor use.
      100% Ultraviolet protection.
      Reduces glare for surface reflections.